Event Fundraising Software Created

by Us, Powered by

Donors but

Owned by You

The only Event Fundraising Software created in a Social

Enterprise with a Non-Profit

Own your Data, Don't Share your Data

DonorPowered's WordPress Theme and Plug-in are licensed and easily installed in your hosting server.

Your Site.Your Data.

Safe & Secure

Built using WordPress, the #1 website development platform in the world, with security that's been tested by millions of websites. In fact, 35% of the Internet is powered by WordPress.


Multiple affordable licensing plans are available. Pay more upfront, saving transaction fees, or pay less upfront and pay over time.

Easy to Set-up & Use

Install and configure in minutes. Create an Event in minutes. Manage Events in minutes a day.

Team & Individual Fundraising Options

DonorPowered's easy registration process allows Registrants to Join a Team, Create a Team or Participate as an Individual.

One Step Donor Form

Simple Donor Process = More Donors and More Donations! First, no user account is required to donate. Second, no searching around the site is necessary: A Participant/Team Search tool is located right in the Donation Form for a one-step Donor process! 

Social Media Sharing

Participants can easily share their Individual, Team Member or Team pages on Facebook and Twitter for fast and effective fundraising.

Phone, Tablet & Desktop Friendly

DonorPowered's responsive design looks and works great on any smartphone, desktop or tablet.

DonorPowered puts the FUN in FUNdraising

We believe that fundraising should be fun, not a chore. So we made DonorPowered both FUN and EASY, for Participants, Donors and yes, even for Site Administrators!

Participants can easily edit their Team or Individual Pages, then quickly fundraise via Social Media/Email. That leads to some fun&friendly fundraising competition via our event-wide and personalized leaderboards.

Donors can donate FAST with a 1-step Online Donation Form, accessed from any page. Or, Donors can search to visit their Family or Friend's Team or Individual Pages and donate from there. Donors can even donate via our Leaderboards.

Administrators can create events in minutes. Manage events in minutes and even "Login As..." users for easy support. (Doing your work fast and efficiently...Now that's fun for you!)

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