DonorPowered is DIFFERENT. It's software that you license.

Our WordPress Plugin and Theme are not on a shared platform, so you own your site and, most importantly, you


Get the event fundraising support that you need:

Monthly & Quarterly plans for smaller events and for small or start-up nonprofits

Yearly Licensing Plans for larger events and larger nonprofits that save $$$ on transactional fees.

DonorPowered also has custom plans for very large events where there are NO TRANSACTION FEES. Inquire below!

Monthly Plan


Per month

+ One time set-up, personalization and training fee of $999

+ 5% donorpowered fee per donation

Great for startups and smaller events

Annual Contract

Quarterly Plan


Per quarter 

+ One time set-up, personalization and training fee of $999

+ 5% donorpowered fee per donation

Pay quarterly and save!

Annual Contract

Yearly "NP Enterprise" Licensing Plan

1st year; $3999 2nd year and on


+ 1.5% donorpowered fee per donation

Annual Contract


Pay more upfront and save dramatically on transaction fees!

1st year fee includes one time set-up, personalization and training

*Since DonorPowered is WordPress website software that is installed on your website domain/server, all plans require organizations to:

1. Provide a suitable hosting space/web server that meets our software requirements (or get on one of our affordable hosting plans, typically $25/month or less, depending on your website traffic)

2. Purchase and renew their event website domain (as necessary, typically less than $20 annually)

3. Purchase and renew an SSL secure certificate (for https:// encrypted, secure communications, typically less than $100 annually)

4. Sign up and Pay for, DonorPowered's payment gateway (currently $25/month, .10/transaction, .10 daily batch if you already have a merchant account.) See's Pricing page for more details on their merchant account and gateway solutions.

Interested in DonorPowered? We’re here to help!

We want to know your needs exactly so that we can provide the perfect solution. Let us know what you want and we’ll do our best to help.