The Social Enterprise

DonorPowered was launched as a Social Enterprise from Nth Degree Group, a marketing and website technology firm based in South Florida.

The Lord’s Place, a West Palm Beach Florida Nonprofit Organization that helps break the cycle of homelessness for thousands of Clients, approached our firm with the prospect of creating a custom event fundraising/management website that would simply "be better" than the software they had been using.

We knew that a custom site of this range and magnitude could require a lengthy and expensive development process. So, we proposed a revolutionary plan: Let's create the site and software with a minimum investment from The Lord's Place, and let's donate the rest "in kind" in hopes of selling software licenses in the future to help "pay back" their investment. But why stop there? We decided to let this amazing project transform our company, and we made The Lord's Place a permanent recipient of a percentage of all licenses sold!

After 3 years and thousands of hours of development, DonorPowered is "Non-profit approved" and ready to launch your next fundraising event. To date, it's beta installations have already successfully raised nearly 1.5 Million Dollars in only 4 events!

As a Social Enterprise, a percentage of each sale/installation is also given back to other charities designated by the purchasing organizations. Visiting Giving Back to find out more.