Why DonorPowered?

We're a Social Enterprise.

DonorPowered was launched as a Social Enterprise from Nth Degree Group, a marketing and website technology firm based in South Florida. Our fundraising event management software was made with and for a nonprofit, so giving back just comes naturally. Passionately.

As a Social Enterprise, a percentage of each sale/installation is given to our partner, The Lord’s Place, a non-secular West Palm Beach Florida Nonprofit Organization that helps break the cycle of homelessness for thousands. A percentage of each sale/installation is also given back to other charities designated by the purchasing organizations.

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We're not a shared platform.

The Lord's Place, our partner nonprofit, knew that they wanted to own their data and not share it with hundreds or thousands of other users. They didn't want the fear of what would happen if the platform they joined went out of business. So when they approached us to build a WordPress plugin for them, they had already researched fundraising sites and donation platforms that basically had fundraising event management pasted onto their existing feature set. Managing online fundraising events had to be the primary focus. DonorPowered delivered.

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We put the FUN in FUNdraising.

We believe that fundraising should be fun, not a chore. So we made DonorPowered both FUN and EASY, for Participants, Donors and yes, even for Site Administrators!

Participants can sign-up in minutes while the site auto-creates their Participant pages (and Team Pages for Teams!) in the background. Participants can begin fundraising immediately with custom email text and social media page sharing!

Donors can donate FAST with a 1 step form that includes search tools for their donation attribution (Team, Individual, General Event). Donors can even donate via our Leaderboards and via all Team/Participant pages!

Administrators can create an event in minutes and manage events in minutes a day. And your Admin team can "Login As..." Participants to help manage their Pages and Profiles if required.

We have over 100 features to help make your fundraising event and website a success.

From prominent Event and Personal Goal Bars to Site-wide Searches (for Participants and Teams) to Leaderboards to Personalized Fundraising Email Text to Leaderboard Search to "My Heroes" Comments to Easy-to-edit email templates, DonorPowered contains over 100 features that helps Users use, Participants participate, Donors donate and Administrators to easily administrate!

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Visit our Youtube Overview Video for a complete overview (or see below)

We have flexible pricing plans to meet all sizes of events, organizations and budgets.

Monthly and Quarterly plans offer affordable licensing with low monthly fees and low transactional fees;

Our Non-Profit "Enterprise" plan offers larger events/larger organizations greater cost savings by lowering transactional fees dramatically;

Our Custom Non-Profit plans provides our amazing software with NO TRANSACTION FEES for the largest events with the largest goals, saving thousands in fees.

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